How I created an idea for an app, and got it into the app store. My story of trusting a company to code an app for me.


I had a great little idea.  I was playing the game boggle one day with a friend and instead of doing the game the right way , we decided to see if we could roll the alphabetical dice down and start seeing if messages were spelled out from the spirit world. It was fun and we did see messages spelled out from her dog that had passed. It spelled out her beloved pets whole name.

After that I went to a craft store and bought little boxes and some alphabetical dice and made little sets of the dice to sell to people or give as gifts.  I called my project “Spirit Dice”.  They sold really well, so i got excited about the project and was surfing the internet and saw that there were companies that coded apps for people, if you had a good idea.

I proceeded to put the app totally on my credit card and paid a company called Zapparroo to design my app and place it in the app store for me.  I had no clue that it was so tough to do an app, but I trusted. I paid them around $17,000.00.  I took a huge risk, but they told me that if the app did well I could make $400,000.00 a month.  I thought this is great I am going to be a millionaire. So I trusted.

After my app was in the app store, all of my friends, family and clients were downloading it. I was so excited! The app was free and they said I would get paid through the banner ads at the bottom of the screen that advertised while people were engaging on your app.  Zapparroo set me up with ad Mob to get paid and I was waiting for the money to flow in.  I got about a thousand downloads at first and I was really psyched.

I spoke to Steve Young who is a genius at apps and he has a company called App Masters. I paid him to get reviews on my app, and I listened to him to get my subscription to Sensor Tower, a company that get’s your app noticed in the app store.  Steve told me that to make changes on my app, he would need the X files or X codes.  I realized that I did not have the codes. The company Zapparroo did everything for me, but they kept the codes to my app Spirit Dice.  Then they closed the company and skipped town ..  I went to a lawyer but by then I was out of money to try and find the guy who owned the company Zapparroo. I was angry and humiliated. How could I have trusted so much.  If my app wants to make any changes to it, like put better directions, which I didn’t think of at first or change the logo, I couldn’t and not to mention if it makes millions for me. They could copy and use the codes to design the similar app and call it something else.

I have a trademark on the name Spirit Dice and paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for the trademark, it did me no good.

So far I have made a little money off my app and it has been in the app store for three years, I have been promoting it but not enough. I have made $40.00 so far, but you don’t actually get money for your app until you make around $200.00.

I spoke to someone who worked at Apple and she told me that this happens to people alot. A foreign company from India or other places will charge all kinds of people thousands of dollars to code an app for them, and they will close the company and keep the codes for the app and no where to be found.

So if you have an idea for an app, watch how much you spend. Trust the person that codes it for you. And an app really only costs around one thousand dollars to code.  Be sure you know the person coding it for you.  You can find trusting people to code an app.

I guess some people payed Zaparroo but did not even get their apps.  I am still waiting to see what happens next and I do believe in Karma.

My little app Spirit Dice, is still getting downloads and I am just happy now that I have an app and it’s getting used.

That is my story.  I will keep you posted on what happens next.

Love and Light,  Jane Voneman DuPerow.


To be vegan or not to be vegan, vegetarian or a meat eater. That is the question.

I am typing this today in my long claw like nails and that is a challenge, but the biggest question in my life lately is what to eat and what is the healthiest diet on the planet to prevent you from being healthy in this environment and with all the cancer and disease happening to people in their later years.

First let me tell you my own story.  I went vegan for around six months to see if I would feel better, I did it for healing purposes. That was not all I did though. I got on some supplements from my chiropractor that helped my thyroid and my adrenals.

I was sick for quite some time because I had a rare reaction to some medication that I took for depression and anxiety. I was pretty much bedridden from it because I messed my whole chemistry up and poisoned myself. I have a rare gene mutation that cannot process meds and I have malabsorbtion. So I have extreme food sensitivities and cannot eat gluten or sugar or my immune system starts to go down and I feel sick again.

So I decided to go vegan, totally and felt so much better, lost weight, looked younger and people were commenting on it. I  also started to have more confidence along with feeling clearer in my mind and I was meditating daily also. So then I started doing my dream, working on stage in front of an audience doing readings as a Medium and Psychic.

All this with the help of a vegan diet and lot’s of juicing and some supplements that the chiropractor recommended. I basically went from being sick and in bed to growing and thriving.  I did not know that the medicine I took was putting me into a severe state of withdrawal and I felt like I was going through the worst hell ever, from the lack of dopamine in my brain, but all the while not knowing what was wrong and I really trusted the Doctors, but what the medicine did was throw my nervous system off and my brain chemistry off so bad that I was suicidal.  I did not want to feel that way, but did not know why I felt that way.

The solution is that I healed.  Then winter came. I felt like symptoms were that I felt weak and no energy, lethargic and just wanted to sit and stare all day long, so I started to eat some fish and brown cage free eggs. I started to feel more energy.  Then I started to eat chicken again, in the winter months.

I spoke to Andrea Cox who has a bunch of You tube Videos on Veganism and she told me that I needed to do a heavy medal detox and also I may have a gene mutation of some kind.

I wondered if some people cannot do vegan long term and that they needed meat protein. I felt like I was struggling because I really wanted to stay vegan, because I looked so much better, I was glowing.

The answer was that I needed some meat in the winter months but not too much, just kept a little in my system, because I had renewed energy and then could go vegan another week or so after I got some meat protein in my system.  That seems to be working for me right now.

With all the mercury in the sea food I eliminated my need for too much fish weekly.

I researched the Keto diet and found that some of the things on that diet really worked well for me including the bullet proof cofffee with coconut oil and heavy whipping cream. Yum.

But I just keep on juicing daily still and my celery apple juice , keeps me young and fit and I forgot to mention liquid collagen, was amazing for me and it healed me completely. The company that sells it is Modere, and it’s called Bio Cell life.

The art of listening to your body is what you learn from going vegan. I am so glad I did try it because it healed me and then I was able to eat some meat months later , but just a little, not too much.  I am still trying to figure me out, and it takes time.  What works for some may not work for everyone .

Love and Light, Jane

Thirteen goals of a Goddess, in the Pagan religion.

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  1. Know yourself: Live everyday true to yourself and your spiritual path. To thine own self be true.
  2. know your craft: Learn everything you can about what to use and have on your altar,
  3. learn and grow: All learning experiences are to grow from.
  4. Apply knowledge with wisdom: Use your wisdom to help other’s grow also.
  5. Achieve balance: Be sure you live in balance.  When you start to get in overwhelm, notice the universe giving you balance.
  6. . Keep your words in good order: Be sure to speak only things that are positive or things you want to manifest.
  7. Keep your thoughts in good order: Be sure your mind is clear and your thoughts are not of worry and fear.
  8. celebrate life and celebrate death:  Have fun and play wisely.  Be an example of joy to other’s.  Radiate Joy and harmony in one’s self. Honor everyone’s time to die also.
  9. Attune with the cycles of the Earth:  Set up a different altar for the different phases of nature.  Tune into the changes in your body with each different season, different food to eat.  Honor when mother earth is cleansing and stay in for the colder days in winter with a fire.
  10. Breath and eat correctly: Take deep breaths , eat only healthy foods without too much sugar, or don’t eat canola oil , junk food, white flour. Eat like a Goddess would eat to live, don’t live to eat.  Eat grass fed beef, fish, brown eggs, lot’s of vegetables and fruits, mostly raw and vegan, or do some juicing daily. Eat meat in balance with the seasons.
  11. Exercise the body: Do lot’s of walking or jumping on a mini trampoline, Get at least forty minutes a day of good exercise.
  12. Meditate: This is key to living like a Goddess energy. To be able to stay calm.
  13. Honor the Goddess and God.  Honor all God’s and Goddess that you are drawn to. Set up an altar for them.

The God code: 1111

When you keep on seeing the numbers 11:11 on the clock or 9:11, they have deep meaning.  You need to trust that everything is in divine order for the number 1111. This is a sign that everything is being controlled by the divine and the higher sources. It also means that you are manifesting rapidly and  to watch the power of your words and what you speak about.

When having a spiritual awakening or experience you will continue to see the numbers eleven eleven.  In numerology the eleven is one of the master numbers and if you are born on this date you are very special.

The number 9:11 also means that your fears are taking place also.  So watch if you continue to see 9:11 on the clocks, you need to stop manifesting fear thoughts to come to fruition

Numerologists believe that synchronicity appears around 11:11 or some claim that a spirit is present.  It is a sign or an omen.

It is the awakening code that represents the evolution of consciousness and the renewal and awakened mind state.  It’s the activation of DNA strands and the trigger of a memory reactivating our cellular memory banks.

Our consciousness created a binary world in which things are on or off.  It’s an ability to read between the lines. It links reality and illusion together on the earth plane of existence.  The mind is getting ready for an ascension process to be spiritually lifted higher in mind programs and consciousness.  The person may be going through something difficult also , but the more difficult the situation the more closer to the God vortex and spiritual awakening.

Thanks for reading my blog today,  Jane Voneman Duperow. Psychic and Medium.

What are the reptilian humanoids? How to spot one.

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I was doing a healing session on someone one day and I heard my spirit guides say reptilian.  I started to research what a reptilian person is and how to know if they are from the reptile community of humanoids.

Reptilian people are shape shifting extraterrestrial humans. Some are our leaders, our corporate executives, some beloved Oscar winning actors and some Grammy winning singers.  But some are also responsible for the Holocaust and the 9/11 attacks or the Oklahoma bombings.  Anyone who is powerful enough to change our world. Some can be good reptilians, but even the good one’s have a way of affecting your world so much that they really impact you.  There are the elite societies, some say the royal family.

Reptilian people have lizard like qualities in their appearance and they have the kind of personality that enables them to control the masses and they are part of the Illuminati and secret societies like the Free Masons.

They are one of the most captivating race of people that have alien like qualities. They originate from the Draco constellation.

The Pleiadians also known as Nordic aliens are people that come from the stellar systems surrounding the Pleiades stars and they are concerned about the earth and our future.  They are good people. Some of them have huge sensitivities to foods and the environment.

We all as humans come from different stars, is the theory of the Native Americans. I believe this is true depending on what stars we are born under and what location we are born in.  What are appearance and our features are and what runs through are DNA.  We are all from some tribal community originally that stemmed from the different species that first lived on the earth plane. Going all the way back to the ancestors, but even further back to the toads, lizards, fish….

It does not necessarily mean that reptilian people are bad.  But there is a known conspiracy factor when it comes to reptile humans.

That’s all for now.  Thanks for reading my blogs. Love and Light,  Jane Voneman DuPerow.

Rainbow Tribe

You are standing in your kitchen and you see a rainbow appear on the wall.  A glint coming in the window to pierce the wall and you wonder where this prism of light came from, for you have nothing in the window that would create it to appear.

There is a sect of warriors in the spirit world that come to you when you least expect it to bring the beautiful rainbows that we see in the sky. I call them the rainbow tribe.

We associate many things with Rainbows, the gay community for one is a colorful community of people with so much creative skills and happy vibrancy that they just perk up your day.  The Native American tribes would put a boy in the woods when they were young and they would tell them to go towards what they placed in the woods for them to play with.  They placed an arrow, or a cloth doll and if the child went towards the cloth doll to play with, they new they were gifted in many creative ways and they belonged in a certain community with all of the other gifted warriors.

When we see a rainbow in the sky, we sometimes associate it with a relative on the other side.  We talk about rainbow bridges and how when someone passes they cross the rainbow bridge.

There are gifted souls in the universe that come with many creative colors and gifts, I call these souls the rainbow children.  There are the indigo children who are also very gifted and then there are the crystal children who are so sensitive that they have to be careful what foods they eat and are very empathic.

All of these souls are the earth plane, the rainbows , the crystal, and the indigo children are very intuitive and tend to gravitate towards healing careers, psychics, Mediums, And are very drawn to crystals and stones. They may have stone collections. They live off the earth and are very happy to live in a fifth dimensional earth plane, where time comes to them and things come to them easily. They do not care much about too much money, but they do know how to make abundance for themselves when they need it.

The Rainbow family of living light is a counter culture hippie group that started in the 1970’s. Some nomads, with no leader.

A rainbow baby is a baby that is born right after the loss of a previous pregnancy that was a miscarriage or still birth.  Some of these babies come after a suicide also. The male impregnates a women and then leaves the earth by suicide and the baby will look just like the suicide victim that they had planted of the pregnancy before they passed.  The male suicide victim is very fragile and in too much pain, so they send a duplicate gift of themselves to start over again and do it right this time around… so they make sure that they get a women pregnant before they  leave the earth. This helps the family to know that it is a walk in from the deceased loved one. They will look hauntingly like the person that died, and bring the family much comfort and joy. ..

South Africa is called the Rainbow Nation,  because of it’s deep rooted racial division enforced by Apartheid. The kind of light needed to form a rainbow is sunlight. But the sunlight contains all colors. So we are a colorful nation of multi tribes , races, and religions and cultures.

When I see a rainbow in my kitchen, I know it is going to be a magical special day.

Love and Light, Jane Voneman DuPerow, Psychic and Medium.