Today is a lunar eclipse full moon! Please be informed

Hello I suggest making an altar today of what you want to show up in your life this altar can be in the southeast corner of the room I. Your home.  Whatever you want to attract in just put it on the altar.

Keep your magic alive

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Karma is real.

There is justice someday. The universe will never let you down.   Whatever you reap you sow. If you sow good to others it comes back to you.  If you are trusting in others and they did not hold up their end of the bargain, then justice will prevail. Don’t get your heart wrapped up in bitterness, and pain and resentment toward someone that did you wrong,  because Karma is real.  You have to let the Gods and Goddess take care of it for you.  It may take years but it always does prevail.  Don’t sit around and wait for them to get their’s. You have way better things to do. You just plan on how the universe will work it out for you and it will unfold.

Sometimes good people get taken or victimized and they wonder why it happens to them. It is a huge learning experience for the person involved but hold on to the fact that if you need justice and vengeance it will occur because the universe will never let you down. There is a shining light out there that will find you and you will get what you deserve. Just hold on to loving yourself and don’t beat yourself up for being victimized or trusting too much in others. We all trust and we all gravitate towards the feeling of love and trust towards others. You will reap what you sow.

Lot’s of people get scammed daily on the internet by companies that offer them great things, but then don’t hold up to their end of the bargain and they make it sound so good. If you spend thousands of dollars on a company or person to help you , you need to be cautious first and really ponder if you should spend this money or not.  If you have already spent the money on a company or person and they did not give you what you thought then you will have to depend on the Karmic affect. The law of attraction states that when you tithe and give to others it comes back to you tenfold and it will.

It may seem that the company will offer you so much, but then you have nothing to show for the money that you spent and you just made that person or entity richer. Don’t trust big wigs that are wealthy online, how did they get wealthy? By you spending money on them.

Trust the little people who are there for you and show up in your life.  We as humans are so trusting, but we must be wise and cautious.

If you did it for the money, because you thought you would get wealthy off of it.  You did not have pure intention. How to have pure intention is doing a business that will help the people to meet their specific needs. You need to care about the people and the product will sell itself. Your product, your business, your life is all a Karmic affect.

Remember the theory of Karma. Be kind to others, don’t be in it for the greed, be in it to help others.  And it will materialize and come back to you. If you tithe to others , it’s money still well spent, it will come back to you in other ways. That’s the law of the universe and love.

Sincerely, Jane Voneman DuPerow. Psychic and medium. DSC_0234.jpg

What are Sliders? Telekinesis and E.S.P… People that move electrical things with their mind and energy.

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Some people have the ability to make things happen with watches, making them not work or the time stop on them.   Some have the ability to affect things that are electrical with our minds.  These people are called Sliders, they have the ability to focus on a CD and make the music skip.   I have had this phenomena happen to me.  Once while I was coming out of the Doctors office, I realized that I had the ability to make things happen with electronics  I started also noticing this with the television and radio..  I had a radioactive uptake on my thyroid where I was given a special radioactive pill.  After I had the procedure I got into my car and noticed right away that the song on the radio was playing “I’m radioactive”.  I thought this was so odd but I started noticing in my life that I could never wear watches they would always break and that I once started to walk up to put a cassette in the cassette tape recorder and it opened up on it’s own while I was walking up to it.  This is called Telekenisis and the person is called a Slider.                                                   

Also these type of people are able to make traffic lights turn off by themselves. They shoot off special energy and are conductors of electricity in some special kind of gifted way.  They can literally move objects with their minds.  I have even seen something with cars or vehicles where something may go on like a engine light and then go back off when you got finished with the E Check.   The only reason why this would happen is if they were nervous about not passing the E-Check so the person made the engine light go on by itself. I have even seen things in vehicles fix on their own after being broken because the person wished it.

It’s almost like you have a laser to penetrate the heavens.  These people are very gifted , very sensitive to gluten and foods, and very sensitive to the earth’s polar shifting and the Electro Magnetic Fields.  They are also empaths so they can feel other people around them and their physical symptoms or emotions, not knowing why they may feel out of sorts when around people by taking on some of their energies.

It can be a gift in some ways, and it can in some ways be a curse for the person involved in this type of phenomena.  There are many people on the earth plane like this, it’s just a matter of how much the person is aware that they can do this.  And then once they are aware of it, they can contain it in some ways by not using too much of their cell phones and by watching their energy field and by not worrying or getting too stressed out about anything.  Himalayan salt lamps are good for sitting and meditating for people like this and by charging their energy field with crystals, by holding crystals daily.

When a person is aware of this , they will not be so confused why they feel their energy is different then others.







How to do remote viewing and automatic writing to predict the future.

Anyone can do remote viewing if they have an interest in it.  It’s a tech

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nique that is used by the C.I.A. to see something. Spies do it and are paid by the government to use it as a tool to see what is going on with terrorist plots or information that they need from other sources. . Psychics use it to help with missing person cases or to gain psychic information or to talk to the other side.

Remote viewing is the ability to see a vision of somewhere else besides what you are physically seeing in your world, while focusing on your third eye. To find lost objects or lost dogs, or lost people or to gain information that you need for something you are concerned about…. The mind will be able to see what the intended focus is.

I have done remote viewing and found missing passports, missing purses for my clients and have worked on some cold cases to help find missing persons.  I work as a Psychic and Medium. I will start by this simple process of how to remote view in your own living room.  Below is a list of what you will need to have available.

  1. ) a page from a magazine
  2. ) an envelope
  3. ) A quiet room to sit in
  4. ) A candle that is lit
  5. Another person to help you.

Sit comfortably and have someone else put the page from the magazine that they have taken to use and put it in a closed envelope.  Have the person bring it to you. Close your eyes and wait for visions to come to you.  The first impression, I want you to write it down or make a mental note of what you first see or feel.  Try to see if you notice any colors forming in your third eye.  You must practice this once daily to become an expert remote viewer.  Open the envelope and see how close you were to seeing a vision of what was on the magazine page.

The more you practice this procedure daily, the better you will get at it. You can also sit with a friend or partner and both close your eyes and the first person send a color to you in their thoughts. See if you pick up the color.

There is another technique called Psychometry where you hold an object of someone’s and see if you can pick up in your mind’s eye where the object came from. If it was given to the person by their Grandmother or a jacket that may represent something intimate of the other persons. The best thing to work with is jewelry.  Especially jewelry that was owned by someone who has passed. The emotions in the jewelry is able to be felt and visualized.  This is also used by Psychic’s when holding an object that was used as a murder weapon, to see if they can visualize the perpetrator and what happened during the murder.

Another procedure that I am really gifted at is to be clairaudient.  Clairaudience is when you hear a voice inside of your head tell you something that you need an answer to.  The best way to start doing this is to establish a relationship with your spirit guides or a spirit on the other side and start to talk to them daily.  It’s also called conversations with God.

Also I want to talk about how to do AUTOMATIC WRITING.  In this procedure you will need a pad of paper and a pen. Here are the instructions below as follows to use Automatic Writing:

1.) A table to sit at

2.) a pen

3.) a pad of paper

4.) a lighted candle

Sit with the pen and paper and go into a sort of meditation or trance like state. Ask a question and start writing, but don’t be conscious of what you are writing on the paper, just write with your eye’s closed and in a meditative mind state. You will feel yourself writing words, but you won’t be conscious of the words that you are writing.

After you are done, read the paper and circle the words that you see formed something significant. it may be a blur at first, but the more you do this , the more you will see words spelled out that mean something.

I wish you good luck on these Psychic techniques.

Detoxing fear and anxiety by meditation and using Emotional freedom technique (the tapping solution).

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I have had some trauma in my life which contributed to fear and anxiety.  I was in a car accident when I was in my early forties, where I had lost my spleen. I am sure that I had lot’s of guilt for getting in the car with a drunk driver who was driving the vehicle and that led to many emotional things that I had to endure in life. Mostly stress added to everything.

I had a normal life growing up with a nice  upper class family and we went on nice family vacations every year. My Father was very uptight and he yelled at us lot’s. It seemed that we were walking on egg shells in the house growing up as not to upset my Father, although my Dad was really good at playing the banjo and I have great memories of him . .

I used alcohol in my younger days to cope, I realized that was getting me no where and only led to more trouble,  so I stopped drinking, then I started to get food allergies.   I had taken years of antibiotics and this seemed to contribute to leaky gut and trauma. .  My manifestation of fear in my body led to fatigue and pins and needles all over my body.  In the winter it was the worst. And just when I thought I worked through my fear and thought I was healed it all seemed to come back in the winter months with the lack of sunlight.  Many called it fibromyalgia like symptoms, but I knew that I could not live with the symptoms,  so I tried to find a solution.  My solution was through meditating, working with crystals and honoring the balance that my body needed and the Tapping Solution (E.F.T.) and switching to a vegan diet.

I went to places for healing, like massage , chiropractors, got on supplements , bought Himalayan salt lamps, and ate mostly vegan.  I have been through sixteen years of healers just for everyone to tell me that it was all emotional. My stress, my fear, my worry. I was trying to grow in my life and my career, but my fear kept on coming back up and seemed to block me from success and growth.

My fear manifested into food allergies and sensitivities.  I realized that I had a real psychological issue that I could not just get rid of overnight.  I did years of detoxing my body physically by fasting , diet changes, but even that didn’t help when I had major stress come back into my life.

I needed to know why this kept on happening to me. I found that I needed to seek my inner truth.  When you know what is true for you, through meditation and healing you can start to feel better. But you have to get to the truth of what you need in your life to be really happy. Happiness has to come from within. How do we get happy daily?  By allowing ourselves to live our true passion and purpose.  I arrived at a certain spiritual consciousness of myself.  I accepted myself completely the way I was with all the symptoms, fear and anxiety. I honored them as just feelings, creating more feeling in my body.

I wrote a book and did years of readings as a Psychic and Medium,  and I did years of work on myself and other’s . I helped thousands of people. I channeled tons of spirits on the other side and worked as a Medium on stage. But there was always still some inner battle going on inside of me that I felt a struggle and inferior to others, what was it? It seemed to be a huge chemical imbalance would come over me again and I just felt the symptoms come back again after I thought I was completely healed>

The thing that started to change my life was the tapping solution. It’s called emotional freedom technique. I would tap when I had a bad day and bad thoughts were coming over me again. Self sabotage thoughts that were like a broken record.  The anxiety and the fear was controlled through the tapping and also exercise helped the symptoms to gradually disappear. I had to really trust that everything was going to be OK and not stay in the future in my mind. I had to stay in the power of now and really work through something huge. I was ready to release it.

How to do the tapping solution:

Tap lightly on the top of your head and say the affirmation, even though I feel this way, I still love and approve of myself.  Then tap to the left above your eyebrow and then on your left upper cheekbone,  and then over your lip on the left side,  and then on your chin, and then on your heart.  Then you go to your hand and tap on your right hand with your left hand and look from your left to your right over and over again while tapping on your hand. Please continue to say the affirmation while you tap on each pressure point that I said above. You can change the affirmation daily to how you feel.

I hope this helps you. By using a clear quartz crystal while tapping also will help.

Love and Light, Jane Voneman DuPerow, Psychic and Medium.

Full moon lunar eclipse, in Leo, blood, wolf moon tonight at midnight and January 21st.

The moons energy with the lunar eclipse and wolf, blood moon on January 21st will be amazing energy. It’s a good time to do some kind of ritual to honor your life, your goals and what you want to manifest to come into your life.

It’s a time of letting go of things that don’t serve our highest good and to really let them go..  Emotional issues may come up and old habits may resurface again to come up for healing. Just honor the feelings and know you are working through stuff energetically.

This full moon lunar eclipse is great for helping you really get to the higher ground of what you are creating in your life. You may feel old patterns washing away and you feel the energy and excitement of success coming into your life.

Burning candles and writing on a piece of paper what you want in your life is really good to do on this lunar eclipse full moon.  Any form of ceremony you can do for yourself by making an altar and putting rose water in a bowl with some sea salt.  Also some flowers on your altar to make it special. .  Water in the bowl brings in good luck with salt, for the New Year.  If you then sprinkle it by your door step is also a good way to let go of any negative spirits that are around your house.  Light the candle on your altar and vision what you want in your life.

Tell yourself that you are releasing any old thought patterns that do not serve your highest good.  There may be old hurt and lower emotional vibrations coming up to make you low self esteem, but once you understand that the eclipse and it’s energy is bringing up a healing in you, you can rest assure that all is well and everything is going to be manifested that you are creating with your reality.

This full moon is in Leo and it’s about all of the attention that you crave for yourself.   Just be sure you feel loved.  Love is the highest frequency we can feel.  Fear is the lowest frequency we can feel, along with jealousy and other emotions that bring up pain and grief.

Just remember to honor this full moon and it’s energy.  You will feel really glad that you did.

Thanks for reading! Love and Light. Jane Voneman Duperow, Psychic and Medium.