Karma is real.

There is justice someday. The universe will never let you down.   Whatever you reap you sow. If you sow good to others it comes back to you.  If you are trusting in others and they did not hold up their end of the bargain, then justice will prevail. Don’t get your heart wrapped up in bitterness, and pain and resentment toward someone that did you wrong,  because Karma is real.  You have to let the Gods and Goddess take care of it for you.  It may take years but it always does prevail.  Don’t sit around and wait for them to get their’s. You have way better things to do. You just plan on how the universe will work it out for you and it will unfold.

Sometimes good people get taken or victimized and they wonder why it happens to them. It is a huge learning experience for the person involved but hold on to the fact that if you need justice and vengeance it will occur because the universe will never let you down. There is a shining light out there that will find you and you will get what you deserve. Just hold on to loving yourself and don’t beat yourself up for being victimized or trusting too much in others. We all trust and we all gravitate towards the feeling of love and trust towards others. You will reap what you sow.

Lot’s of people get scammed daily on the internet by companies that offer them great things, but then don’t hold up to their end of the bargain and they make it sound so good. If you spend thousands of dollars on a company or person to help you , you need to be cautious first and really ponder if you should spend this money or not.  If you have already spent the money on a company or person and they did not give you what you thought then you will have to depend on the Karmic affect. The law of attraction states that when you tithe and give to others it comes back to you tenfold and it will.

It may seem that the company will offer you so much, but then you have nothing to show for the money that you spent and you just made that person or entity richer. Don’t trust big wigs that are wealthy online, how did they get wealthy? By you spending money on them.

Trust the little people who are there for you and show up in your life.  We as humans are so trusting, but we must be wise and cautious.

If you did it for the money, because you thought you would get wealthy off of it.  You did not have pure intention. How to have pure intention is doing a business that will help the people to meet their specific needs. You need to care about the people and the product will sell itself. Your product, your business, your life is all a Karmic affect.

Remember the theory of Karma. Be kind to others, don’t be in it for the greed, be in it to help others.  And it will materialize and come back to you. If you tithe to others , it’s money still well spent, it will come back to you in other ways. That’s the law of the universe and love.

Sincerely, Jane Voneman DuPerow. Psychic and medium. DSC_0234.jpg

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