What are Sliders? Telekinesis and E.S.P… People that move electrical things with their mind and energy.

close up photo of street lamps
Some people have the ability to make things happen with watches, making them not work or the time stop on them.   Some have the ability to affect things that are electrical with our minds.  These people are called Sliders, they have the ability to focus on a CD and make the music skip.   I have had this phenomena happen to me.  Once while I was coming out of the Doctors office, I realized that I had the ability to make things happen with electronics  I started also noticing this with the television and radio..  I had a radioactive uptake on my thyroid where I was given a special radioactive pill.  After I had the procedure I got into my car and noticed right away that the song on the radio was playing “I’m radioactive”.  I thought this was so odd but I started noticing in my life that I could never wear watches they would always break and that I once started to walk up to put a cassette in the cassette tape recorder and it opened up on it’s own while I was walking up to it.  This is called Telekenisis and the person is called a Slider.                                                             Pexels.com

Also these type of people are able to make traffic lights turn off by themselves. They shoot off special energy and are conductors of electricity in some special kind of gifted way.  They can literally move objects with their minds.  I have even seen something with cars or vehicles where something may go on like a engine light and then go back off when you got finished with the E Check.   The only reason why this would happen is if they were nervous about not passing the E-Check so the person made the engine light go on by itself. I have even seen things in vehicles fix on their own after being broken because the person wished it.

It’s almost like you have a laser to penetrate the heavens.  These people are very gifted , very sensitive to gluten and foods, and very sensitive to the earth’s polar shifting and the Electro Magnetic Fields.  They are also empaths so they can feel other people around them and their physical symptoms or emotions, not knowing why they may feel out of sorts when around people by taking on some of their energies.

It can be a gift in some ways, and it can in some ways be a curse for the person involved in this type of phenomena.  There are many people on the earth plane like this, it’s just a matter of how much the person is aware that they can do this.  And then once they are aware of it, they can contain it in some ways by not using too much of their cell phones and by watching their energy field and by not worrying or getting too stressed out about anything.  Himalayan salt lamps are good for sitting and meditating for people like this and by charging their energy field with crystals, by holding crystals daily.

When a person is aware of this , they will not be so confused why they feel their energy is different then others.







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  1. I’ve had several occasions in my life where I’ve either predicted or changed the weather, from extreme horrible thunder storm to a clear night, just moments before an outdoor show we were going to. What is that called?

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