How to do remote viewing and automatic writing to predict the future.

Anyone can do remote viewing if they have an interest in it.  It’s a tech

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nique that is used by the C.I.A. to see something. Spies do it and are paid by the government to use it as a tool to see what is going on with terrorist plots or information that they need from other sources. . Psychics use it to help with missing person cases or to gain psychic information or to talk to the other side.

Remote viewing is the ability to see a vision of somewhere else besides what you are physically seeing in your world, while focusing on your third eye. To find lost objects or lost dogs, or lost people or to gain information that you need for something you are concerned about…. The mind will be able to see what the intended focus is.

I have done remote viewing and found missing passports, missing purses for my clients and have worked on some cold cases to help find missing persons.  I work as a Psychic and Medium. I will start by this simple process of how to remote view in your own living room.  Below is a list of what you will need to have available.

  1. ) a page from a magazine
  2. ) an envelope
  3. ) A quiet room to sit in
  4. ) A candle that is lit
  5. Another person to help you.

Sit comfortably and have someone else put the page from the magazine that they have taken to use and put it in a closed envelope.  Have the person bring it to you. Close your eyes and wait for visions to come to you.  The first impression, I want you to write it down or make a mental note of what you first see or feel.  Try to see if you notice any colors forming in your third eye.  You must practice this once daily to become an expert remote viewer.  Open the envelope and see how close you were to seeing a vision of what was on the magazine page.

The more you practice this procedure daily, the better you will get at it. You can also sit with a friend or partner and both close your eyes and the first person send a color to you in their thoughts. See if you pick up the color.

There is another technique called Psychometry where you hold an object of someone’s and see if you can pick up in your mind’s eye where the object came from. If it was given to the person by their Grandmother or a jacket that may represent something intimate of the other persons. The best thing to work with is jewelry.  Especially jewelry that was owned by someone who has passed. The emotions in the jewelry is able to be felt and visualized.  This is also used by Psychic’s when holding an object that was used as a murder weapon, to see if they can visualize the perpetrator and what happened during the murder.

Another procedure that I am really gifted at is to be clairaudient.  Clairaudience is when you hear a voice inside of your head tell you something that you need an answer to.  The best way to start doing this is to establish a relationship with your spirit guides or a spirit on the other side and start to talk to them daily.  It’s also called conversations with God.

Also I want to talk about how to do AUTOMATIC WRITING.  In this procedure you will need a pad of paper and a pen. Here are the instructions below as follows to use Automatic Writing:

1.) A table to sit at

2.) a pen

3.) a pad of paper

4.) a lighted candle

Sit with the pen and paper and go into a sort of meditation or trance like state. Ask a question and start writing, but don’t be conscious of what you are writing on the paper, just write with your eye’s closed and in a meditative mind state. You will feel yourself writing words, but you won’t be conscious of the words that you are writing.

After you are done, read the paper and circle the words that you see formed something significant. it may be a blur at first, but the more you do this , the more you will see words spelled out that mean something.

I wish you good luck on these Psychic techniques.

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