Detoxing fear and anxiety by meditation and using Emotional freedom technique (the tapping solution).

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Photo by revac film’s&photography on

I have had some trauma in my life which contributed to fear and anxiety.  I was in a car accident when I was in my early forties, where I had lost my spleen. I am sure that I had lot’s of guilt for getting in the car with a drunk driver who was driving the vehicle and that led to many emotional things that I had to endure in life. Mostly stress added to everything.

I had a normal life growing up with a nice  upper class family and we went on nice family vacations every year. My Father was very uptight and he yelled at us lot’s. It seemed that we were walking on egg shells in the house growing up as not to upset my Father, although my Dad was really good at playing the banjo and I have great memories of him . .

I used alcohol in my younger days to cope, I realized that was getting me no where and only led to more trouble,  so I stopped drinking, then I started to get food allergies.   I had taken years of antibiotics and this seemed to contribute to leaky gut and trauma. .  My manifestation of fear in my body led to fatigue and pins and needles all over my body.  In the winter it was the worst. And just when I thought I worked through my fear and thought I was healed it all seemed to come back in the winter months with the lack of sunlight.  Many called it fibromyalgia like symptoms, but I knew that I could not live with the symptoms,  so I tried to find a solution.  My solution was through meditating, working with crystals and honoring the balance that my body needed and the Tapping Solution (E.F.T.) and switching to a vegan diet.

I went to places for healing, like massage , chiropractors, got on supplements , bought Himalayan salt lamps, and ate mostly vegan.  I have been through sixteen years of healers just for everyone to tell me that it was all emotional. My stress, my fear, my worry. I was trying to grow in my life and my career, but my fear kept on coming back up and seemed to block me from success and growth.

My fear manifested into food allergies and sensitivities.  I realized that I had a real psychological issue that I could not just get rid of overnight.  I did years of detoxing my body physically by fasting , diet changes, but even that didn’t help when I had major stress come back into my life.

I needed to know why this kept on happening to me. I found that I needed to seek my inner truth.  When you know what is true for you, through meditation and healing you can start to feel better. But you have to get to the truth of what you need in your life to be really happy. Happiness has to come from within. How do we get happy daily?  By allowing ourselves to live our true passion and purpose.  I arrived at a certain spiritual consciousness of myself.  I accepted myself completely the way I was with all the symptoms, fear and anxiety. I honored them as just feelings, creating more feeling in my body.

I wrote a book and did years of readings as a Psychic and Medium,  and I did years of work on myself and other’s . I helped thousands of people. I channeled tons of spirits on the other side and worked as a Medium on stage. But there was always still some inner battle going on inside of me that I felt a struggle and inferior to others, what was it? It seemed to be a huge chemical imbalance would come over me again and I just felt the symptoms come back again after I thought I was completely healed>

The thing that started to change my life was the tapping solution. It’s called emotional freedom technique. I would tap when I had a bad day and bad thoughts were coming over me again. Self sabotage thoughts that were like a broken record.  The anxiety and the fear was controlled through the tapping and also exercise helped the symptoms to gradually disappear. I had to really trust that everything was going to be OK and not stay in the future in my mind. I had to stay in the power of now and really work through something huge. I was ready to release it.

How to do the tapping solution:

Tap lightly on the top of your head and say the affirmation, even though I feel this way, I still love and approve of myself.  Then tap to the left above your eyebrow and then on your left upper cheekbone,  and then over your lip on the left side,  and then on your chin, and then on your heart.  Then you go to your hand and tap on your right hand with your left hand and look from your left to your right over and over again while tapping on your hand. Please continue to say the affirmation while you tap on each pressure point that I said above. You can change the affirmation daily to how you feel.

I hope this helps you. By using a clear quartz crystal while tapping also will help.

Love and Light, Jane Voneman DuPerow, Psychic and Medium.

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