My experience with Thai Bubble Tea. My world opened up.

We all love bubbles. Bubbles that remind us of when we were a kid and took bubble baths or blew bubbles on a summer day in our back yards.

I recently went to a Thai restaurant in Coventry in the Cleveland area.  I ordered it because I heard someone talking about it and I thought I would try it.  There were different flavors to choose from so I ordered the Thai bubble tea.  The waiter was also from Thailand himself and when he served me,  I observed how it had a colorful pink thick straw and the bubbles were dark in color and you slurped them up through the straw and then had to chew them.

The bubbles are made of tapioca and the tea itself is on ice, so served cold.  It had no caffeine, which was a huge plus for me.  The Thai tea itself has milk in it to make it kind of creamy.  I tried to find the large tapioca bubbles to make myself at home, because I loved it so much.  I found Thai Tea at World Market stores.

That day was amazing as I went to a Buddha shop also and kept thinking about my bubble tea experience all day long and for weeks, I was obsessed about it, telling all of my friends to try it.

The only thing that I would like to see change is using paper straws instead of plastic one’s, or if we could just have a straw to take everywhere with us to re use or the kind that are washed in a dishwasher and reusable.

I think honoring other cultures and trying out there foods is such a mind expansion of worldly flavors and goodies.

I love to travel and it opens up the mind for more creativity. Even if you just change up your life and go to different area’s in or around your community.  Go across town where you have never been before.  The world will open up for you.

Love and Light. Jane Voneman DuPerow.

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