How I created an idea for an app, and got it into the app store. My story of trusting a company to code an app for me.


I had a great little idea.  I was playing the game boggle one day with a friend and instead of doing the game the right way , we decided to see if we could roll the alphabetical dice down and start seeing if messages were spelled out from the spirit world. It was fun and we did see messages spelled out from her dog that had passed. It spelled out her beloved pets whole name.

After that I went to a craft store and bought little boxes and some alphabetical dice and made little sets of the dice to sell to people or give as gifts.  I called my project “Spirit Dice”.  They sold really well, so i got excited about the project and was surfing the internet and saw that there were companies that coded apps for people, if you had a good idea.

I proceeded to put the app totally on my credit card and paid a company called Zapparroo to design my app and place it in the app store for me.  I had no clue that it was so tough to do an app, but I trusted. I paid them around $17,000.00.  I took a huge risk, but they told me that if the app did well I could make $400,000.00 a month.  I thought this is great I am going to be a millionaire. So I trusted.

After my app was in the app store, all of my friends, family and clients were downloading it. I was so excited! The app was free and they said I would get paid through the banner ads at the bottom of the screen that advertised while people were engaging on your app.  Zapparroo set me up with ad Mob to get paid and I was waiting for the money to flow in.  I got about a thousand downloads at first and I was really psyched.

I spoke to Steve Young who is a genius at apps and he has a company called App Masters. I paid him to get reviews on my app, and I listened to him to get my subscription to Sensor Tower, a company that get’s your app noticed in the app store.  Steve told me that to make changes on my app, he would need the X files or X codes.  I realized that I did not have the codes. The company Zapparroo did everything for me, but they kept the codes to my app Spirit Dice.  Then they closed the company and skipped town ..  I went to a lawyer but by then I was out of money to try and find the guy who owned the company Zapparroo. I was angry and humiliated. How could I have trusted so much.  If my app wants to make any changes to it, like put better directions, which I didn’t think of at first or change the logo, I couldn’t and not to mention if it makes millions for me. They could copy and use the codes to design the similar app and call it something else.

I have a trademark on the name Spirit Dice and paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for the trademark, it did me no good.

So far I have made a little money off my app and it has been in the app store for three years, I have been promoting it but not enough. I have made $40.00 so far, but you don’t actually get money for your app until you make around $200.00.

I spoke to someone who worked at Apple and she told me that this happens to people alot. A foreign company from India or other places will charge all kinds of people thousands of dollars to code an app for them, and they will close the company and keep the codes for the app and no where to be found.

So if you have an idea for an app, watch how much you spend. Trust the person that codes it for you. And an app really only costs around one thousand dollars to code.  Be sure you know the person coding it for you.  You can find trusting people to code an app.

I guess some people payed Zaparroo but did not even get their apps.  I am still waiting to see what happens next and I do believe in Karma.

My little app Spirit Dice, is still getting downloads and I am just happy now that I have an app and it’s getting used.

That is my story.  I will keep you posted on what happens next.

Love and Light,  Jane Voneman DuPerow.


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