To be vegan or not to be vegan, vegetarian or a meat eater. That is the question.

I am typing this today in my long claw like nails and that is a challenge, but the biggest question in my life lately is what to eat and what is the healthiest diet on the planet to prevent you from being healthy in this environment and with all the cancer and disease happening to people in their later years.

First let me tell you my own story.  I went vegan for around six months to see if I would feel better, I did it for healing purposes. That was not all I did though. I got on some supplements from my chiropractor that helped my thyroid and my adrenals.

I was sick for quite some time because I had a rare reaction to some medication that I took for depression and anxiety. I was pretty much bedridden from it because I messed my whole chemistry up and poisoned myself. I have a rare gene mutation that cannot process meds and I have malabsorbtion. So I have extreme food sensitivities and cannot eat gluten or sugar or my immune system starts to go down and I feel sick again.

So I decided to go vegan, totally and felt so much better, lost weight, looked younger and people were commenting on it. I  also started to have more confidence along with feeling clearer in my mind and I was meditating daily also. So then I started doing my dream, working on stage in front of an audience doing readings as a Medium and Psychic.

All this with the help of a vegan diet and lot’s of juicing and some supplements that the chiropractor recommended. I basically went from being sick and in bed to growing and thriving.  I did not know that the medicine I took was putting me into a severe state of withdrawal and I felt like I was going through the worst hell ever, from the lack of dopamine in my brain, but all the while not knowing what was wrong and I really trusted the Doctors, but what the medicine did was throw my nervous system off and my brain chemistry off so bad that I was suicidal.  I did not want to feel that way, but did not know why I felt that way.

The solution is that I healed.  Then winter came. I felt like symptoms were that I felt weak and no energy, lethargic and just wanted to sit and stare all day long, so I started to eat some fish and brown cage free eggs. I started to feel more energy.  Then I started to eat chicken again, in the winter months.

I spoke to Andrea Cox who has a bunch of You tube Videos on Veganism and she told me that I needed to do a heavy medal detox and also I may have a gene mutation of some kind.

I wondered if some people cannot do vegan long term and that they needed meat protein. I felt like I was struggling because I really wanted to stay vegan, because I looked so much better, I was glowing.

The answer was that I needed some meat in the winter months but not too much, just kept a little in my system, because I had renewed energy and then could go vegan another week or so after I got some meat protein in my system.  That seems to be working for me right now.

With all the mercury in the sea food I eliminated my need for too much fish weekly.

I researched the Keto diet and found that some of the things on that diet really worked well for me including the bullet proof cofffee with coconut oil and heavy whipping cream. Yum.

But I just keep on juicing daily still and my celery apple juice , keeps me young and fit and I forgot to mention liquid collagen, was amazing for me and it healed me completely. The company that sells it is Modere, and it’s called Bio Cell life.

The art of listening to your body is what you learn from going vegan. I am so glad I did try it because it healed me and then I was able to eat some meat months later , but just a little, not too much.  I am still trying to figure me out, and it takes time.  What works for some may not work for everyone .

Love and Light, Jane

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