Thirteen goals of a Goddess, in the Pagan religion.

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  1. Know yourself: Live everyday true to yourself and your spiritual path. To thine own self be true.
  2. know your craft: Learn everything you can about what to use and have on your altar,
  3. learn and grow: All learning experiences are to grow from.
  4. Apply knowledge with wisdom: Use your wisdom to help other’s grow also.
  5. Achieve balance: Be sure you live in balance.  When you start to get in overwhelm, notice the universe giving you balance.
  6. . Keep your words in good order: Be sure to speak only things that are positive or things you want to manifest.
  7. Keep your thoughts in good order: Be sure your mind is clear and your thoughts are not of worry and fear.
  8. celebrate life and celebrate death:  Have fun and play wisely.  Be an example of joy to other’s.  Radiate Joy and harmony in one’s self. Honor everyone’s time to die also.
  9. Attune with the cycles of the Earth:  Set up a different altar for the different phases of nature.  Tune into the changes in your body with each different season, different food to eat.  Honor when mother earth is cleansing and stay in for the colder days in winter with a fire.
  10. Breath and eat correctly: Take deep breaths , eat only healthy foods without too much sugar, or don’t eat canola oil , junk food, white flour. Eat like a Goddess would eat to live, don’t live to eat.  Eat grass fed beef, fish, brown eggs, lot’s of vegetables and fruits, mostly raw and vegan, or do some juicing daily. Eat meat in balance with the seasons.
  11. Exercise the body: Do lot’s of walking or jumping on a mini trampoline, Get at least forty minutes a day of good exercise.
  12. Meditate: This is key to living like a Goddess energy. To be able to stay calm.
  13. Honor the Goddess and God.  Honor all God’s and Goddess that you are drawn to. Set up an altar for them.

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