The God code: 1111

When you keep on seeing the numbers 11:11 on the clock or 9:11, they have deep meaning.  You need to trust that everything is in divine order for the number 1111. This is a sign that everything is being controlled by the divine and the higher sources. It also means that you are manifesting rapidly and  to watch the power of your words and what you speak about.

When having a spiritual awakening or experience you will continue to see the numbers eleven eleven.  In numerology the eleven is one of the master numbers and if you are born on this date you are very special.

The number 9:11 also means that your fears are taking place also.  So watch if you continue to see 9:11 on the clocks, you need to stop manifesting fear thoughts to come to fruition

Numerologists believe that synchronicity appears around 11:11 or some claim that a spirit is present.  It is a sign or an omen.

It is the awakening code that represents the evolution of consciousness and the renewal and awakened mind state.  It’s the activation of DNA strands and the trigger of a memory reactivating our cellular memory banks.

Our consciousness created a binary world in which things are on or off.  It’s an ability to read between the lines. It links reality and illusion together on the earth plane of existence.  The mind is getting ready for an ascension process to be spiritually lifted higher in mind programs and consciousness.  The person may be going through something difficult also , but the more difficult the situation the more closer to the God vortex and spiritual awakening.

Thanks for reading my blog today,  Jane Voneman Duperow. Psychic and Medium.

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