Rainbow Tribe

You are standing in your kitchen and you see a rainbow appear on the wall.  A glint coming in the window to pierce the wall and you wonder where this prism of light came from, for you have nothing in the window that would create it to appear.

There is a sect of warriors in the spirit world that come to you when you least expect it to bring the beautiful rainbows that we see in the sky. I call them the rainbow tribe.

We associate many things with Rainbows, the gay community for one is a colorful community of people with so much creative skills and happy vibrancy that they just perk up your day.  The Native American tribes would put a boy in the woods when they were young and they would tell them to go towards what they placed in the woods for them to play with.  They placed an arrow, or a cloth doll and if the child went towards the cloth doll to play with, they new they were gifted in many creative ways and they belonged in a certain community with all of the other gifted warriors.

When we see a rainbow in the sky, we sometimes associate it with a relative on the other side.  We talk about rainbow bridges and how when someone passes they cross the rainbow bridge.

There are gifted souls in the universe that come with many creative colors and gifts, I call these souls the rainbow children.  There are the indigo children who are also very gifted and then there are the crystal children who are so sensitive that they have to be careful what foods they eat and are very empathic.

All of these souls are the earth plane, the rainbows , the crystal, and the indigo children are very intuitive and tend to gravitate towards healing careers, psychics, Mediums, And are very drawn to crystals and stones. They may have stone collections. They live off the earth and are very happy to live in a fifth dimensional earth plane, where time comes to them and things come to them easily. They do not care much about too much money, but they do know how to make abundance for themselves when they need it.

The Rainbow family of living light is a counter culture hippie group that started in the 1970’s. Some nomads, with no leader.

A rainbow baby is a baby that is born right after the loss of a previous pregnancy that was a miscarriage or still birth.  Some of these babies come after a suicide also. The male impregnates a women and then leaves the earth by suicide and the baby will look just like the suicide victim that they had planted of the pregnancy before they passed.  The male suicide victim is very fragile and in too much pain, so they send a duplicate gift of themselves to start over again and do it right this time around… so they make sure that they get a women pregnant before they  leave the earth. This helps the family to know that it is a walk in from the deceased loved one. They will look hauntingly like the person that died, and bring the family much comfort and joy. ..

South Africa is called the Rainbow Nation,  because of it’s deep rooted racial division enforced by Apartheid. The kind of light needed to form a rainbow is sunlight. But the sunlight contains all colors. So we are a colorful nation of multi tribes , races, and religions and cultures.

When I see a rainbow in my kitchen, I know it is going to be a magical special day.

Love and Light, Jane Voneman DuPerow, Psychic and Medium.

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