The art of meditation, how it improves your life.

Meditation is one of the most successful and beneficial things you can do for yourself daily.  Even if you have at least ten or twenty minutes a day, I highly recommend it to shape your world.

If you meditate every day for thirty days you will start to make better choices and decisions for yourself and you will feel your mind actually getting smarter.  You will discover truths about things that you didn’t know before.  You will unravel what does work for you and does not work for you in your life.

I highly also recommend doing a spiritual cleanse free of caffeine for a week, drink plenty of water and eat a raw foods and vegan diet for four months to see huge changes in your life.

Answers come to you more when you are taking care of yourself. You will start to have conversations with a higher voice inside of you that will guide you to make choices. You may start to see visions or have thoughts of what to do to gain more income in your life and finances will increase.  All this from meditation. You will get yourself out of the rut and daily routine that you have been living on the treadmill of life and start to take better action on what to do next for happiness and wealth.  You will let go of emotional struggles and learn to speak up for yourself and notice patterns in your life that just don’t work anymore.

You will start to improve your relationships with other people also, by noticing and reflecting on yourself and what you need in your life for happiness and joy and you will start to act on these things.  SO PLEASE START MEDITATING DAILY. IT’S A WAY TO HELP THE WORLD ALSO WITH WORLD PEACE.

NAMASTE, Jane Voneman DuPerow, Psychic and Medium.

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