Lucid dreaming

A client came to me today and asked me how to do lucid dreaming, so I decided to make this my next subject to write on.

Below is instructions how to lucid dream.

1. First get really comfortable laying down preferably on a sofa or bed in a quiet room as if ready for sleep.

2. Take three deep breaths and recite “Om”. And feel as if you are in a meditation and as if you are drifting off to sleep . Then use a totem animal like a wolf or a cat and feel as if your body is turning into that animal , this is called shapeshifting.

3. Drift lightly and look into your third eye and see if you see visions or a tunnel, if so you are lucid dreaming but still awake and in control .

4. Feel as if you drifted off to sleep but are still awake.

Thanks for easing my blogs Jane Voneman Duperow .

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