How to live a glamorous life!

If you start feeling like you want to doll up and get glamorous, and your sitting at home with your dog every night by the TV starts to get old and you want some action! Just start first by putting the thought out there that you are thinking of a little more glamour in your life. Not that you don’t love cozy warm nights with your dog, because that is the best, but your heart yearns for feeling so glammed up that you feel like you are going out to eat on a cruise ship every night and your ball room gown and high heels are just waiting for you to take action. You need to take some steps to make this happen. You can’t sit back and wait for the glam life to come to you , you have to bring it in your lifestyle.

These are steps I have found to bring you a more glamorous life!

Step 1. Go out to a swanky country club. You can act like you want to join and get a membership.

Step 2. Act and dress like a celebrity. Start taking social media photos in glamorous places and wearing glamorous clothing.

Step 3. Go to the nearest yacht club. Meet people that are wealthy and if you are a good listener , you will soon be loved by many and invited to all the hot events!

Step 4. Don’t hang out in places where there is poverty unless you want to give them money or services. Tithing and helping the homeless is a great way to embrace a community of social people who try to help others.

Step 5. Make a plan to go downtown and hang out in the most expensive elite clubs.

Step 6. Be an entrepreneur of some kind. Start a business and then start watching successful people online in that industry.

Step 7. Start to dream more elegantly. Dine out in sophisticated restaurants. Be the feeling of glamour. You will then start to draw it to you.

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