The majority of married women these day’s seem mostly unhappy. What happened?

cropped-jane_0003The white picket fence and the dreams of having a lovely home with a dog and kids and everything that comes with it, the husband is handsome and the women got her dream wedding and then about five years into the marriage there seem to be problems. The romance fades and the bills surmount and the honeymoon phase is over and the real work comes in.

To marry someone these days, it seems that a women get’s unhappy later into the marriage.  I am pondering mostly why is that? I think the typical thing that most women complain about is that there husband is not interested in them anymore. They seem to detach and neglect the women. The love seems to fade and the husband friends or jobs become more important and the man just stops spending time with the women. Women can feel neglected and wonder why the husband comes home later and later every night, not because he is having an affair, but because he put’s other things first and his work or his priorities seem to be more important then his wife.

Women just need some love and attention from a man, they feel lonely if they start going out with just their girlfriends and the husband is not there for them also emotionally.

What happens to a man is he get’s set in his ways and does not try anymore. I am not saying this about all men. There are great marriages out there, but all of the readings that I do for women, a large percentage of them feel neglected in their marriage. They complain there is no sex anymore in the marriage and that they just don’t feel attracted to their husband anymore. They feel disrespected, neglected and not appreciated.  The man usually has no clue about how the women feels either.  What went wrong?

The reason women lose their attraction is that the man does not choose to listen to them and their needs anymore, so they don’t feel honored or respected or appreciated. It all becomes so routine and women start to wonder or build a huge resentment that they were married in the first place. Lot’s of women feel stuck by assets. The home and all the material things become the reason why women can’t make it on their own financially enough to leave their spouse so they just stay very unhappy and they grow more distant from their husband.

When people get married , why do they marry, because the chemistry is amazing, they go out and they have fun together and get involved with each other’s lives. But then something seems to go wrong somewhere along the way, be it the kids, or the bills, or the rejection.   But it seems as though so many marriages end up in divorce.

Don’t get me wrong, I do see couples that are very happy together. The one’s that travel together and really take time for each other and still are attracted to each other after years of being together.  They know how to keep the fun alive in their marriage and they really work on it with communication.

Some women try to communicate with their spouse, but the man just does not listen. This is the number one problem that in all the readings as a Psychic, I see in marriages.

Where is love real? These are the rules that women should follow if they want to stay happy forever with their spouse.

  1. Take your time getting to know each other, don’t rush in and get married just because the sex is good and you can’t stand to be away from each other. Take time. Friendships are the highest form of lovers, so marry your best friend. You will be lot’s happier in the end.
  2. Be sure you have common interests, if not you will both get bored with each other fast after everything else wears off.
  3. Women need to feel desirable even into their menapause years. When they are overweight and heavier. So be sure that the man does not just marry you because you look hot.  Youth dies off and then you are old and you have to stay together and grow old together.
  4. Be sure that you know that the man is going to make you happy in your V. j. j. .. That is right, if you have a man that is selfish and put’s all his needs first he is not going to take care of your sexual needs later down the line.  He may at first but then he will start to neglect your needs and just care about his own, be sure you know how to spot a selfish man. There are ways that I will be talking about in the next blog.
  5. Know yourself. Before you get married think about how truthful you are to yourself. Are you really marrying out of love, or lust. Be sure that you know it feels right. . People change , every seven years.
  6. Don’t marry a guy you meet in a bar. Chances are this kind of person is drinking and alcohol masks real love. 
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