How to manifest more money in the New year.

Ways to bring in more money in the new year are as follows:

First you want to build an altar for abundance in the South East corner of your home. Put a dollar bill in the corner and tape it to the wall. This is an excellent way to bring in Feng Shui in your home to draw in more money to you.

Next write yourself out a check that has your name and the amount of money you want to come into your life. Keep the check in your wallet and carry it with you at all times.  Do this during the new moon. This is a magical way for more money to come into your life.

Another way of bringing in more abundance is to say affirmations. The first affirmation that works great is “I deserve abundance and prosperity”. By saying this affirmation daily and making and “aaaah” sound after you say it, really helps more abundance to come in all ways. Maybe a free trip with a friend will happen where you don’t have to pay a thing.


Don’t ever turn down money from the universe. If someone offers you help take it. Don’t let your pride get in the way.

Another cute money affirmation is to take a bowl and seven pennies and clink the pennies in the bowl and every time you clink it say: “Trinka five, Trinka Five, make my money come alive”.  Clink the pennies in the bowl seven times and say the chant while clinking the penny seven times.

Don’t talk about being broke. Wealthy people do not speak about their money situation at all, because they know this blocks it.

Take risks with money. Be self employed and start your own company.  Working for someone else is not going to get you anywhere. So get a business card and start that business you have always dreamed of.

Don’t drink alcohol. Millionaires don’t drink alcohol. They know that you make wiser decisions with money without having alcohol fog up the brain and make you lethargic.

Eat the right diet. Eating mostly vegan and raw foods will start to make all of your dreams come true. Don’t eat sugar. You will get your health on track.  More money will flow in naturally.

Invest in the stock market. Learn to take small risks and invest. Start small.  Download the Robinhood app to start really small.

Dream about what you want to show up in your life and then start to take action on it. Don’t just sit back and think that you can just sit around and the universe won’t help you. You have to go out and do something to make it happen.



Give tithing to people who need help. Help the homeless but always give a portion of what you earn to someone else.

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