How to find your soul mate and really make it lasting love for life.

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Some people find their soul mates right away and stay with them for life. But then there are some who have lot’s of trouble finding their soul mate and date people over and over and constantly struggle with keeping their partner and find themselves alone again after the fourth or fifth heartbreak.

I am writing you this guaranteed method for women out there of how to find your soul mate, when you least expect it and how to get them to marry you or live with you and join your life.  If you feel that you want to walk with your soul mate in life and they will be compatible with you for life, then you need to take these very important steps.

  1. Please don’t sleep with the man on the first date. Wait for around ten dates.
  2. Hang out in places where you find life interesting. You will meet your soul mate along the way, with the same level of passion that you have for life.
  3. Don’t think that you are going to meet your soul mate in a bar. If you do meet a partner in a bar, it may be only sexual and a physical relationship. It may not be lasting or have long term potential. Also you may meet someone who has a drinking issue.
  4. Date men that are on the same path as you. Don’t date a man that has different interests. For example if you date a hunter , then you should embrace hunting also.
  5. Don’t date a smoker, if you are a non smoker. You will be unhappy later.
  6. Have common interests with each other. You love to travel. If they like to travel also, it will be a match.
  7. Be realistic. If you are thirty pounds overweight , then you need to work on loving yourself first. Then the weight will drop off.
  8. Don’t settle. Don’t marry the first person that you fall in love with. Wait until the universe shows you more potential soul mates. Falling in love is illusion and fleeting and the feeling does not last forever.
  9. Write your soul mate list Write down everything that you want in a potential partner and keep this list under your pillow every night.
  10. Get a candle and burn it nightly, this will be your soul mate candle. Candle magic does really work.
  11. Set up a soul mate altar. Keep things on it like fresh roses and something to represent everlasting life together, like a ring or something that makes you feel love.
  12. Get ready for it. Feel it as if it already exists. How to manifest anything is to feel it as if it exists already.

A soul mate is someone we are supposed to live with and pay the bills with.  The person you marry and have children with….. And a twin soul is someone that comes into your life for a time and you have instant bonding with and a great connection. You have lot’s of fun together. Some call this twin flame. They can go out of your life, as fast as they come in or there may not be the need to marry them, just a friendship sometimes, but of the opposite sex.

Don’t rule out that you have many soul mates in life.

Thanks for reading my blogs. Jane Voneman Duperow, Psychic and medium.

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