I am writing this blog today to tell you how to go from living in the third dimensional reality to living in the fifth dimensional vibration universe to get whatever you want to manifest in life. I have a list written below for how you will be able to do this.

  1. Get up every morning and say your grateful prayers. Light a candle and thank the creator for everything in your life.
  2. Don’t complain about anything. You will create this to happen to you. What you complain about keeps on happening until you let go.
  3. Meditate daily
  4. Change your diet to mostly vegan , no alcohol, lot’s of water daily and mostly organic foods.
  5. Do magick, change your religion to pagan or wiccan.  By honoring the four elements of earth , air , fire and water.
  6. Feng Shui your home.  By putting an altar in the southeast corner of your home, you will create more abundance to come into your life.
  7. Be aware of the signs around you. The universe is always telling you all the answers. Be more in tune of the signs, by meditating daily.
  8. Sing, this raises your vibration right away.
  9. Talk about what you want to show up in your life.
  10. Honor the moons phases and do moon ceremonial magic.
  11. Realize that everything in your life is because you have created it to be that way. Change your thinking , change your world.. What you say and speak you create to happen. By realizing this , it’s huge.
  12. Get in tune with using crystals for healing and all natural healing remedies, get off all prescription medication. This can be done by asking your higher self and praying.
  13. Imagine what you want as already happening to you, by feeling it. When you feel something already exists, you create it to happen.
  14. Realize that you are not separate from anything or anyone. We are all connected in the universe to each other and every thought.
  15. Make a wish upon a star. This really works.
  16. Be careful what you wish for. Be sure you are living in a state of total truth and healing for yourself.  Be sure you draw people to you that you want. Even if they have to be online and you can just see them on the computer. You will match vibration with them, by thinking of them and behaving like them.
  17. Just be sure to act how you would like to be in life. If you like someone lot’s, then start to act like them.
  18. Take a class in Tai Kwon Do
  19. Write a book
  20. Read lot’s every day.
  21. Get a deck of tarot cards or some kind of divination tool.
  22. Start taking steps to make your life better, don’t sit back and wait for the universe to bring it to you, go out and make it happen.

This is mostly the list of things that I have done to manifest everything to show up in my life that I desire. Keep going you are doing great!!!

Stay tuned for my next blog. Sincerely, Jane Voneman DuPerow, Psychic and Medium, T.V. show host and author.

Donald, thanks for reading my blogs. Please tell other’s about me.

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