Pets are the closest thing to a walking earth angel.

There is such a deep love for your pet, that when they are getting older, it seems that you can cherish every day with them more and more. it likes a vintage quality kind of love. They are such happy animals and so loving that when you give them a good life, it makes you feel like they are your child, your baby and they are so special to you in your life that I would only compare this to walking earth angels.

Anyone who does not see the joy in a dog or pet,  will never know the deep love that is so satisfying beyond any kind of love we can have. Of course the love for our own children is very powerful also, but a pet is so rewarding that it is the kind of love that humbles you to slow down and see the world in such a light that when you see your animal sick, they know how to deal with it, they don’t struggle or fight it, they just flow with it.

And you in turn find some kind of inner peace and strength to love your pet beyond any kind of illness that they may have. Because in that pet’s illness comes finding yourself also. Finding out even more about yourself, like an angel would have us find.

Call it divine intervention to learn more about yourself and the world. And how to take care of healing your pet back to healthy again or just adjusting your way of thinking.  A pet is so healing, it’s a miracle that we all should experience.

Even if your pet is just a plant. Let it grow and talk to it and take care of it. The reward are still beautiful.

Thanks for reading my blog, Jane Voneman Duperow, Psychic and Mediuim

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