I listen to my higher self, like a conversation with my spirit guides or God.

Today I heard a voice say “Blue”.  I didn’t exactly know what the voice meant yet, but I went to the grocery store and I went down the dog food isle and I found dog food named “Blue”. It was a Holistic dog food and I was trying to heal my dog, Maya who is fourteen years old and just had a stroke.

My dog is my world. I held her four two hours and sobbed because she was not able to walk, she kept falling. I was horrified. I thought for sure she was going to die. She is fourteen years old, but I told God, I was not ready to lose her yet. I took her to the vet and they diagnosed her with a stroke. They said because when they tried to touch her paws down on the floor, her paws were not landing correctly, when they touched down. That is how they identified that she had a stroke.

So I held her the whole day and the next day kept on holding her. I had hundreds of people on Facebook tell me that they would pray for her and they did. The next day I saw a total improvement. She is walking better and she actually jumped up today on the couch to bark at the postman, like she usually does. What a miracle.

So back to the voices that i hear. I trained myself through meditation daily and wanting a connection to my higher self to get these voices to come to me. I hear them in my ear. It’s called clairaudience.   I am also clairvoyant and see visions. I work as a Psychic and Medium.

Every one of us on the planet can hear these subtle voices that are of your highest intuition, to make better choices. I am so glad that I have a connection like this to my spirit guides. Some people call it talking to God. Whatever you want to call it, you can have this gift also.

We have to eat a really healthy diet to bring in the voices even better, I suggest going totally vegan and meditate and work out to eliminate toxins in the body. Flooding the body with fruits and vegetables, to heal the body to promote hearing and listening to your higher self.

You block out your higher self, when you drink tons of caffeine or alcohol, and you also block your bodies ability to heal itself.  Drugs are not good either, because they become toxic in the body and the liver and gall bladder and other organs have to constantly try to move the chemicals out of the body, so it’s taxing on the body.

I really think that Robin Williams killed himself, because he was taking some kind of prescription medicines. Possibly a dopamine medicine and then maybe went off of it. The problem is that they body is going through a severe withdrawl. And the person does not know it, so they become suicidal.

Sensitive talented people cannot take medicines. And after time everyone who takes medicines for a long period of time does have a damaging long term affect,  I feel.

A shaman approach to healing is to understand anxiety and depression is needed sometimes to grow spiritually. So a period of depression is normal and then the person will eventually work through it on their own. Sometimes depression is caused from a lack of chemicals in the brain and so there are some really good supplements by Standard Process, called hypothalamex to help feed the nutrition to the brain. But to eat right and meditate and the higher self has the will to get better and it will. Fibromyalgia can also be healed and I do think that liquid collagen really does help, along with a raw foods diet and getting rid of all white sugars, white flours and gluten and also meats. A vegan diet is really helpful. There are lot’s of wonderful things to eat on a vegan diet.

To drink water is our life force and honor your water. Keep your water in a copper vessel instead of a plastic container to promote healing in the body. Put flowers by your water to honor it, for it is life and gives us our life force. How we regard and respect our water is key to healing the body.

So how to help you to hear the voices of your higher self is to keep on meditating and keep on a strict healthy regimen and keep on asking for them to come through. If you ask, you will receive.

Thanks for reading my blog, Jane Voneman DuPerow.

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