Christmas time is to celebrate magic.

Every year that I celebrate Christmas the more and more I feel like I am more about the magic of Christmas.  I am not about spending huge amounts of money on people this year, because that is not what it’s about. i feel that people should go back to the old ways of Christmas where people made gifts for people. Like knitted items or whatever your craft is.

The magic and money is taken away from Christmas if people have to worry too much about their bank accounts and having huge debt afterwards.  It’s different if someone has wealth, but families expect large expensive presents. How about the Magic of Christmas being about making some Christmas cookies and taking then to the firefighters. Or sending ten dollars this year to a charity of your choice. Or feeding the homeless. I think that getting out of yourself and helping others is the most satisfying thing you can do in life.

I call it tithing. Sharing your services to humanity and your money in blessings also.

Light a candle also for your spirits on the other side on Christmas day and make an altar for them, put bows and ribbons by their photos.

I hope everyone who reads this blog today or in the future has a really special and magical Christmas. I will be talking more about the magic in later blogs.

Sincerely, Jane voneman DuPerow, Psychic and Medium. www.

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