Give thanks in advance for everything.

If you want to manifesting something, you have to feel it as if it already exists. This has been known since the beginning of time when there was life here on the earth plane.

A shaman creates rain in the rain forest by feeling it as if it is already falling upon him, then it can rain torrential rains for four days straight, but a person has to get in touch with the law of gravity first.  Like the force be with you, you must have a feeling first.

If you feel like you are broke all the time, change your feeling, to a feeling of wealth, ideas will pop into your head on how to become wealthy, but you have to want something bad enough not to just sit back and settle for a life of poverty. It takes work.

Going out and playing the lottery is not how to become wealthy for most. The chances are very slim, the lottery makes so much money, but not enough winners.

The space that we create from is the space that we manifest from. We manifest from emotions and fear. For instance if I were holding the energy that I was constantly terrified of a spider, a spider will most certainly appear. Especially if you go around talking about the spider lot’s.

Words are power, words are action. Be sure to know that the 11:11 vortex that just happened yesterday is really a good day to conduct some kind of ceremony or magical chanting in front of your altar.

First you must build the altar. I recommend a power place where you can light a candle. There is something huge about lighting a candle and setting an intention in that candle for what you wish for.

I have seen candles work so amazingly that I sent one to a client once and told him it would bring his soul mate to him. He was single for 30 years. He met and was married after five month of burning the candle. I called it his soul mate candle.

I carved his initials in the candle and set an intention for love and soul mate into the candle. It is that simple.

Just set your intention about what you want in your life, and it will show up, as if by magic.

Thanks for reading my blogs. Sincerely, Jane Voneman Duperow. Psychic and Medium, T.V. show host. App developer and author.

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