A living ghost. Memories from a spirit.

A spirit that lives on and comes to visit you from the other side, is a very controversial subject. Does this really exist? Heck yeah it does. When I have had spirits standing over my bed for years.

When someone is in a car accident and should have tragically died, but then they see a spirit or what they may view as an angelic person coming in to save them or lift the car up. Or they thought they saw a person in the road that disappeared and they were gone, when the person went to thank them for saving their life.

This is called a living ghost.  I had an angel visit me once when I was in an ambulance and having my stomach pumped, she told me to be patient and that I could heal anything myself, and what Doctors were doing to me was wrong. I have rare DNA , and I cannot take medicines or I have a reaction to them.  I am allergic.

There are many people who don’t realize that when a person has depression, or too much anxiety, they should work through it on their own.  This is considered largely by Shamans who believe that when a person has a nervous breakdown, they are going to  be a huge help to society or the community after it is over. A person can heal on their own, but must have guidance and help from the community.

They don’t have to run out and get drugged up by a Doctor to deal with the problem. The problem eventually resolves itself.  If a person is meant to live, they will.  Because the person has a huge will and desire inside to better themselves.  That is the reason for the split and the depression. They do steps necessary to change oneself and they don’t make mistakes over again.

Spirits help from the other side in the case of Schizophrenic people that are bombarded with too many voices. The person eventually learns to control those voices within. It is God and the spirit world talking to a person.

I had a vision quest once, where I saw three orbs coming over towards me, and they were above the trees.  I felt like I was in a movie. I had never seen anything like this before. I was fasting on the earth, native American style.  I had an air mattress and that was it.  When i saw the orbs i really thought that they were U.F.O’s.  I never really identified what they were, but have a wonderful memory of them. They seemed to protect me.

There was a mist and a vortex that I felt around me and a whoosh.  Also like white noise from a radio transmitter, they spoke to me. I felt some lost time also. Where the night went really quickly and it was already time to get up.

I once had someone tell me that they missed me so much that they wanted to try to shape shift into my bedroom to see me. Sure enough, he was there in my full length mirror. I saw him in the mirror as if he was really there. This is called Shape shifting. People with mental emotional disorders are sometimes neglected by society, but these are sometimes the most gifted people. The people who have addictions like alcohol or drugs, seem to not be able to quiet down the empathy and are so sensitive to things on the earth plane, that they turn to drugs or alcohol to quiet the mind down.

When older after a person is in their crone years. They hold the most wisdom and power of their gifts, they may be even more sensitive to foods or caffeine, so they must change their diet and meditate lot’s.

For a highly sensitive gifted person like this, I would recommend eating a diet of mostly raw and vegan, no alcohol, and little or no caffeine.  All people on the earth plane should not eat white flour or sugar. I believe that even a high functioning autistic person could heal if they take these measures. Just because a person is autistic does not mean that they can’t hold a huge place in society.  They can help many with their gifts and talents.

Thanks for reading my blogs. Sincerely, Jane Voneman DuPerow@www.psychicjane.com








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