Being a step Mom to a famous girl.

I work as a Psychic and Medium and I have more many years. I married my husband Tom sixteen years ago and have been going strong. I told him when we got married that I did not know if I could handle his daughters moving in with us, because I was older and raised my two boys already. He said I would never have to worry about that, because they would stay with their Mother always.

But when the girls turned eighteen, the Mother, (my husband’s ex wife) wanted them out of the house, so they moved in with me.  The first daughter, Brittany was pretty easy to handle and she moved out within three years and went into the navy.

But then moved in Courtney, who ended up wanting to be a model and I told her to make a wish and burn a candle and see if she did a treasure map and a cosmic list that she would get herself on America’s Next Top Model.  Sure enough she did. She was on cycle 22, as Courtney DuPerow and she came in ninth.  Not too bad for a girl who was bullied growing up and had a pretty hard life.

After the show was over and she moved back home with us in her simple bedroom with all of her posters of famous people in her room, she proceeded to have a huge following on Facebook and many social media pages.

I in turn had a hard time handling it. I am a quiet person and like my privacy in my home, but I also have my son living with me and he is a drag queen.

I do my readings and meditate lot’s and it seems to work pretty well with Courtney, in the house. I am still wishing her much success as she get’s into the magazines in the Cleveland area.

I keep doing my readings and learned from her maybe , and she learned in turn from me.  What I learned is never let fame go to your head. Don’t get a big ego and stay humble. Give to charity as much as you can, and push yourself beyond your fears.

We both like our privacy lives the most and I love my dog Maya, who lives with us in the house.

Courtney is still living here and her boyfriend is nice and she is planning on moving out after seven years living her with me and my husband.

All in all , it’s been a huge learning experience that famous people are very normal people and we don’t have to put them on a pedestal, we just have to love the normalcy in them the most.  The fact that it takes a certain person to enjoy fame and that it has it’s costs also.

Mainly you are so vulnerable and could get made fun of, but you have to keep on reinventing yourself.  Courtney was made fun of on the show, but this is what they do on reality T.V. shows.  She also did very well on the modeling challenges.

Any ways, I live in the house with a drag Queen, a model and I am a Medium. And that is our lives. We all stay very busy and we love quiet and resting in our home together and we all function pretty well here in our little space that we have with each other and when we have some blow ups with each other , we get over it pretty fast and go back to normalcy.

It was fun watching Courtney have thousands of followers on her social media page and I loved that fact that we got to watch her on T.V. and she did so well.

All that after I told her to make a wish and burn a candle that she would actually make it on the show. Wow , how powerful the human mind really is.

Know that what you wish is what you get.  And stay in the light and be positive. No complaints, which can make you lose flights and not get to the party on time for the red carpet, with all of the other models.   She is a powerful girl and I observed this about her.  We are all so powerful, we just don’t know it.

Sincerely, Jane Voneman-DuPerow, Step Mom of Courtney DuPerow, Cycle 22, ANTM. and a Psychic and Medium.


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