I didn’t know I was born with these gifts. How I became clarivoyant

When I was growing up as a kid, I went to a Catholic grade school. I had no clue that I was born with Psychic abilities, or that later in life, i would become a Medium.  But I did!

I used to see visions in the wallpaper in my Lakewood, Ohio home though. And I just thought it was my mind playing tricks on me, but later, I realized it was the spirit world, trying to pay a visit to me. Also the fairy realms.

I was born with a scientific brain. I really thought psychics were scam artists with little dwarfs in front of their home. But later it all changed after I had a car accident where I had a near death experience.

In the ambulance, I saw an angel, and to this day I remember it so vividly. I was having my stomach pumped after I had an allergic reaction to some medicine that I took. I am a sensitive. So sensitives with rare DNA cannot take western medicines. My body rejects them. Anyways, the angel said to me “what the Doctors are doing to you is wrong, patience is a virtue and when you look down on the ground and see a penny, I am watching over you”. This started to change me after the angel visit.

I went out and bought my self a deck of tarot cards and I began readings for friends and family. After that I got a job as a Psychic reader in a little store in Rocky River. I started helping lot’s of people and realized I had a huge gift, now almost 20 years later, I am still doing thousands and thousands of readings and helping so many people to connect with their loved one’s who have passed on the other side. I had no clue that I was going to do this when I was young, at all.

I love what I do now for a living and I have been a successful entrepreneur and developed an app for people to use to connect to their psychic gifts themselves and also I have written a book. I also have a local Television show and I have done radio shows in London and callers from the UK.

I live with my son, my stepdaughter, who are also thriving success stories, and I like to think that I taught them how to tap into the magic.

I am getting ready to do a You Tube video today that explains my whole life story and how I became a Medium and also a Psychic.

When I feel like it, I open my psychic gifts , but not all the time. When you meet me, I may not want to open my gifts at all, until I am in my reading room in a session, and I channel in and say my prayer, so I do not read thoughts unless my spirits tell me something.

I listen to my spirits and they do all the work. I call them my spirit guides.

Well for next time. I hope you enjoy reading my blogs.

Love and Light, Jane Voneman Duperow, http://www.psychicjane.com

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